Wondering how to vote on the propositions?

The 2012 election is a one week away.  Are you wondering what the California propositions are about and how to vote? We have come up with a list of recommendations.

Prop. 30 – NO. It violates all levels of fiscal responsibility. Raises taxes on ALL Californians via a sales tax increase. Enables State politicians to continue profligate spending in lieu of making difficult fiscal choices. Estimated to take $6 billion dollars from California tax payers and not fund classroom education.

Prop. 31 – NO. State Constitutional Amendment – two year budget cycle. Violates both Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government. Diverts $200 million tax dollars to local governments to establish regional councils reducing local representative government. Councils would be controlled by State officials to establish “Community Strategic Action Plans.” Two year budget cycle sounds good, but has cynical big government implications.

Prop. 32 – YES. Political Contributions via Payroll Deductions. Constitutionally Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility. Reduces the coercive effect of funds from both public sector unions and corporate employees to unduly influence legislators. Future political contributions would be strictly voluntary.

Prop. 33 – YES. Auto Insurance Companies. Free Markets. Allows car owners to switch from insurance carriers without penalty. Appears to have no fiscal effect on State Government costs.

Prop. 34 - No. Eliminate California Death Penalty. Preserve the death penalty. Protect California

Prop. 35 – Yes. Human Trafficking Penalties. Strengthen penalties against human trafficking

Prop. 36 – YES. Revision of Three Strikes Law for Repeat Felony Offenders. Fiscal Responsibility. The revision of the current law would have short term increase in costs as felons with a third strike for non-violent crimes were re-sentenced. Over time would most probably have a fiscal impact by NOT assigning a life without parole sentence for a third offense of a non-violent crime.

Prop. 37 – NO. Genetic Engineered Foods Labeling. Violates Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets. The projected costs on this proposition are open ended and unpredictable. The unintended consequences of cost to food producers is an unknown, but will likely be very high due to litigation costs. Most likely will drive more companies out of California.

Prop. 38 – NO. Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs. Violates Fiscal Responsibility. More onerous than Prop 30. Extracts at least $10 billion a year from California businesses and families. Will probably drive more businesses out of California. Begins child education as early as infants and toddlers. Creates more education bureaucracy.

Prop. 39 – NO. Tax Treatment of Multi-state Businesses. Violates Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets. Raises an estimated $1 billion annually on businesses. Provides an estimated $22 million to create a new bureaucracy to manage clean energy job creation.

Prop. 40 – No Position. Redistricting. Prop on ballot but withdrawn by supporters.

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