The games the NBA plays with Sacramento as the pawn

Reading local blogs and news reports there is a lot of speculation out there on the future of the Kings. Will they stay in Sacramento or will they go? All of this second guessing is by design. The decision was made weeks ago, but the Sacramento residents are still being being told there is hope, and their may be a little still out there.

There is no way the Maloofs would allow an official announcement before the end of the season. They were making far too much money off the increased ticket sales. Now it’s David Stern turn to make all of this as profitable as possible. Sacramento is simply a pawn in a much larger game.

As we originally reported the move was already a done deal, however the only thing that could stop the move was the other NBA team owners. That prediction may be coming true as well. The Clippers and Lakers have fought hard to block the move. They have devalued the TV rights for the Kings, making it less profitable to move the team. David Stern cares about profits and this has caught his attention.

Also the head of the league’s relocation committee, Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett, is here in cow town. He is here to see if the city can handle the financial burden of keeping the Sacramento Kings in town. Johnson has not put up a good show and the NBA is now saying “show me the money”. Sacramento has a very poor history of showing the NBA it can get things done.

One things is clear, Sacramento residents do not like the Maloofs. Many would support a tax payer funded arena if the Maloofs were not involved. The future of the Kings is up in the air, but if the Kings do not move to Anaheim then there is a good chance the Maloofs will sell the team which would be a huge benefit to Sacramento, the Kings, and the NBA.

14 Responses to The games the NBA plays with Sacramento as the pawn

  1. Haha, nobody reads this crap. This website lost all credibility weeks ago when it reported that the Kings were DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, GONE, as told by “inside”, reliable sources. What a joke. Way to ruin an already garbage site.

    I can’t wait for the next article titled by this site… “Say Goodbye”.

    I gotta question… What are you guys going to do WHEN the Kins are STILL in Sacramento next year?

    • Do you even bother to read the stories we publish? We said the decision to move was made, it has been. It was made weeks ago and we were the first to report it. We also said the only thing to stop the move was the other NBA teams and it is still very much a fact.

  2. “Do you even bother to read the stories we publish?”…

    Actually, as my comment stated. I really “don’t” read the crap that you publish. And I don’t mind commenting on that fact.

    @Mark… I don’t have to read this garbage to comment on it. But I appreciate you taking the childish approach by referring to me as an “idiot”.

    Have a great day gentlemen.

    Go Kings! Go Mayor Johnson! Go Sacramento! See you next season!

    • Do you often comment on stories you don’t actually read? Seems like a waste of time to me, but hey thanks for commenting even if you don’t read the article.

      • Time is relative my friend. Do a google search on cognitive perception. If you’re still confused, well, I don’t know what to tell ya.

        • I don’t have the time to mindlessly surf right now but maybe later I can. Also thanks again for commenting. It’s good to see you read the comments here even if you don’t read the actual story.

    • I am not or at least I don’t believe I am. Is their a board or commission that decides who is an expert in tautology? Thanks for commenting.

  3. You guys are children. Greg, calm down. But you’re right, the Kings are staying. Mark – You are stupid.

    • Raukos I think you mean Greg is acting like a child, I don’t think he is an actual child. Also how do you know Mark is an idiot? Mark did not give his last name so there really is no way to know which Mark in Sacramento made the comment. Also you may be right about the Kings, but then again that’s not what the story was about. The decision was made to move the team. As we reported, many things can prevent that move, but nevertheless the decision has been made. Again thanks everyone for commenting, it’s great to see so many involved residents.

  4. This is too funny. You guys complain about this site and it’s reporting, but you keep reading their stories.

  5. I think you aren’t giving the Mayor enough credit. That must have been some kick-ass presentation given in NY. And how smart was it to start looking for $$, and potential buyers while everyone else had counted the deal as done? I think the positivity and renewed pride in our city is what we need. The article comes accross as negative and kind of biased. You should really give the Mayor some credit.

  6. No one was a Kings fan when they were losing. You guy are not real fans now. And Greg you are still an idiot, nothing has changed.

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