The Elk Grove School District Indoctrinate Students

The Elk Grove School District is one of many school districts in the area that push a political agenda on students. The district continues to tell students that if Prop 30 does not pass they will cut all extra circular activities including sports. These threats are repeated in meetings with parents as well.

Prop 30 tax increases were specifically added to the state’s budget so that if it does not pass, trigger cuts will occur. The California legislature continues to use education as a means to increase the state’s revenue. Prop 30 does not actually give any more money to schools.

The state legislature crafted a budget that put a gun to the head of tax payers. Increase taxes or education spending will be cut. California is one of the highest taxed states in the country and one of the lowest when it comes to education spending. The California legislature does not care about education, but they know people do, so it becomes a political weapon.

The largest supporters of Prop 30 are the California Teachers Association and the Service Employees International Union, both public-sector employee unions. California tax payers fund these unions and these unions fund campaigns to increase those same taxes.

Teachers and other school employees are flooded with threats of pay cuts and layoffs if the engineered trigger cuts take place. So understandably these teacher desperately want Prop 30 to pass. This desperation is repeated in area class rooms.

The Elk Grove School District is well versed in pushing the propaganda on their teachers and students. They recently held a mock election where Prop 30 passed in a landslide. Yet in the state Prop 30 support is about 50%. Students are indoctrinated to believe that prop 30 is just about education spending. They are not told it will increase the taxes of every California resident. Which means less money for their families.

Teachers and student are not to blame though, they are simply doing what they are told. The public-sector unions and California politicians crafted the entire process to pit tax payers against students so they can increase their own coffers.

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