Sloughhouse Inn Opening

Sloughhouse Inn in Sloughhouse, CA is opening its doors once again. The historic venue closed in 2006, but has been around since the 1800’s.

The restaurant is being leased to George and Leah Lyman Lee. Residents of Amador County, the Lees have had management experience with high end resorts in Arizona and Hawaii. The Lees had hoped to open the restaurant last December, but that did not happen.

The Sloughhouse Inn originally started as The Slough House, a house by the slough. The house was commonly used as a rest stop for travelers of all sorts, especially during the gold rush days.

The restaurant had a soft opening this week. There is a limited menu, one steak, one chicken, and spaghetti dinners. Prices are a bargain because the staff is currently being trained. Expect some glitches in the beginning, but we hear the staff is very pleasant and the new owners are working hard to iron out the kinks. The official opening of the restaurant has yet to be set.

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