SEIU Local 1000 continues to hide their books

State employee Mariam Noujaim asked a question “Why does the state pay for crossing guards to work on a lightly traveled street between two DMV buildings connected by a tunnel?”. Noujaim frustrated by government waste has went looking for answers, but her union, SEIU Local 1000 has no answers.

She has been fighting to see the union’s books since last year, but so far SEIU Local 1000 has refused unless Noujaim signs a non-disclosure agreement. You can see our books but you can’t tell anyone what is in them is the message the union is sending.

Noujaim has spent $18,000 of her own money trying to see the books of the union she pays dues to. In May Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connelly ruled and while the union is afforded some protections they must show Noujaim their records. She can’t make copies or take photographs, but she can take notes.

She will have an opportunity to review the union’s books next Tuesday.

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