Sacramento Tea Party Rally

Today the Tea Party held a rally at the State Capital in Sacramento (see photos and video below). The rally was a peaceful protest against the current level of taxation, healthcare reform, and the Obama administration. Several thousand people showed up for the rally which ran from noon to 4pm.

The event consisted of a couple of bands and a several radio personalities including Eric Hogue, Jack Armstrong, and Joe Getty

There were several like protests held today, April 15th, the day federal and state income taxes were due. Most of the participant were conservative or libertarians who favor fiscal conservatism. The rally was organized by the Tea Party Patriots.

There was a small group of CHP and Sacramento City police officers at the event. Other than one arrest of a man rushing the stage, there were no reports of any issues from law enforcement. There were some reports that the event may be infiltrated by the opposition who would bring with them racist signs to try an discredit the Tea Party movement. There were no signs of a racist nature at the Sacramento event. Tea party organizers said they are policing themselves. and anyone with a racist or threatening message will be asked to leave.

See the video of the Sacramento Tea Party:

See some photos of the Sacramento Tea Party:

24 Responses to Sacramento Tea Party Rally

  1. I went through the Tea Party crowd on my lunch break. When I asked a participant where they were during the Bush years and the build up to the Iraq War, I was called a moron! I was asked to sign a pro-life petition, when asked if the measure would address ending capital punishment, they said no. If you are truly pro-life, you are also anti-war and anti-capital punishment. From my understanding of the Tea Baggers, they are 99% Republican and upset because they lost the elections in 08. They should have no beef with Obama, he has cut taxes for those making less than $250,000 a year. Side note…I've heard that Palin is bringing back the Bull Moose Party and will be merging it with the Tea Party. It's going to be know as the Sarah Palin's Bull Moose Tea Bagging Party!

    • Just because you call a tail a leg does not mean a dog has 5 legs.

      Just because Obama said he lowered taxes, does not mean it’s true. Starting with the passage of the health care bill, our taxes are going up, and I don’t even make 100,000.

      The fact you claim 99% of all “tea baggers” are Republicans shows that you are ignorant (many if not most members are Libertarian), homophobic (tea bagger is a gay ephithet), and a bigot (one who sees another group of people through their own narrow world view).

  2. Many of are libertarians Patrick. We don’t appreciate being taxed into the poorhouse. The tea party has nothing to do with war or abortion, nice try though.

  3. Joe,

    I voted libertarian in the 90’s, but I must disagree with you. Taxes have gone down for those making less than $250,000 a year. If abortion has nothing to do with the Tea Party, why were people there collection signatures? War has everything to do with tax dollars. 2 wars drained the surplus Clinton left behind. The federal spending on the military and defense is astronomical.

  4. That is simply not true taxes have went up for everyone or do you consider income taxes the only taxes paid? I make south of $250K and my takes have increase. People talking about abortion at a tax rally? There are fringe people everywhere.

  5. “The fact you claim 99% of all “tea baggers” are Republicans shows that you are ignorant (many if not most members are Libertarian), homophobic (tea bagger is a gay ephithet), and a bigot (one who sees another group of people through their own narrow world view).”

    My response to your accusation is no, no, and no. From my observations while walking through the ralley, I did not see Libertarians handing out information, only Republicans. No Libertarian politicains at the ralley touting their agenda. Once again the Tea Party movement shows it’s true colors, calling someone ignorant, homophobic, and a bigot. Last I checked, I have a college education, Tea Bagging is not a gay ephithet, it is the name of a sex act (I do have gay friends, they should be allowed to get married), and to be a bigot, you must actual slander someone, in which I have not. I made a simple statement with information gathered by observation. “99% of the people at the Ralley were Republicans”, and I am sticking with it.

    If you truely think that the Tea Party ralleys are made up of “mostly Libertarians” you need to check your facts. Sarah Palin is a Libertarian? Are you kiding me? Is she for ending the drug war? Libertarians are for ending the drug war. I did not see one sign saying anything Libertarian. I voted for Libertarian during the Presidential Election in 92 and 96, and most state elections from 92-2000. I know Libertarians, and these folks are not Libertarians, they are Republican through and through. I’ve volunteered for Libertarians campaigns in the past. If you insist that this a Libertarian movement, we will show up at the next ralley with our end the Drug War chants, cut defense spending signs, and then we will see if the Tea Party is a Libertarian movement or a Ultra far right wing of the Republican Party. I have a feeling when 100 people show up chanting end the drug war, we are going to gather some odd looks.

    You say that the start of the Health Care Bill, your taxes are going up? I disagree. My taxes, my wifes taxes, our friends taxes, and my parents taxes have not gone up. You must be in the 1% of America who’s taxes increased. Actually, I don’t mind paying taxes as long as the money does not go to bombing people in foreign countries or incarsarating non-violent folks. The socialized fire, police, and schools in America, can have my tax dollars. I am cool with giving my money to these (socialized – according to the Tea Party) programs. And to think I did not slander anyone in this response. Thanks for the enlightening conversation.

  6. My taxes have gone up. The will even more soon. I don’t have health insurance, but my lovely government will soon force me to buy insurance.

  7. For too long now, fire departments across the United States have been SOCIALIST organizations, resulting in TAXES on the American people.

    FACT: Most Americans never use the socialized services of the fire department. We have the best fire departments in the world in the US, but that doesn’t mean that anyone (even non-US citizens) should be able to dial up and have fires put out, etc. There are private companies (Halliburtion, Etc.) who could step in tomorrow and take over every fire department in America and charge the consumer directly.


    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in asbestos and carrying a fire hose.”

    This is THE new political movement in America. The Birther movement and The Teabagger movement have FAILED. We are The Flamer movement, and we are succeeding at tearing down ALL forms Socialism – starting with our Fire Departments.

    Please tell everyone you know about this group.

    When it comes to ObamaFireCare, remember, we are: Taxed Enough Already For American Red Truck Socialism.

    “This is America. Pay to Spray.”

    • How can anyone call this party derogratory names, did anyof you socialist watch the wall street crowd??
      Where where you when the shop owners had to lock doors, the police got called out, arrest were made, people went to the hospital, trash overpiled, fecal and urine all over, riot control, people getting raped!? and you have the gonads to cut the tea party???? what a moron.

  8. viner, While your fire story is funny it’s not the same. No one is denied healthcare, this is about health insurance. Big difference. Let’s work on the cost of healthcare instead of forcing people to buy insurance.

  9. Lisa,

    I am not the one spewing hate. I was the one that was called “ignorant, homophobic, and a bigot, not the one calling someone else those things. It was pretty much a peaceful rally, I will not disagree with that statement.

  10. If I am reading the comments in the correct order you were actually the first one to throw out a derogatory term. I am not sure why people cannot just argue the merits of their opinion instead of name calling.

  11. Lisa,
    I am confused. In my first message, I said I was called a moron, not calling people morons. Re-reading my messages, I haven’t called anyone anything, other than the people who attended rally, Republicans. Which was my original point, the Tea Party is another wing for the Republican party. If the term Tea Bagger is derogatory, perhaps it should not be used in the nightly news.

  12. I was at the rally from start to finish. I have never had so many people say “excuse me” for little bumps, or walking in front of my camera in all my life! What a polite bunch of people. The infiltrators were the ones that were showing hate and bigotry. The attendees were just working people, business owners and many retirees. It looked more like a Barbershop Harmony Society convention than the “angry mob” that I was told to expect by the bloggers. They are just ordinary citizens who want to turn the country away from socialism and back toward freedom. I think that if the Democrats would listen to them and change their policies, their jobs would be safe.

  13. Patrick let’s not play games you used Tea Bagger in a derogatory manner.

    Alice, thank you for your comments. I too found the crowd very polite.

  14. Thanks to the Tea Party’ Sacramento cutting the size of Government start with the Sheriff Dept’ that’s nice” it’s time to cut all the bad weed from the Sheriff Dept!!

  15. What do I think about us as Republicans: I think we don’t want to pay tax any more but we expect to get tax cut from hard working American We don’t want to spend money on our school road and bridges, but have no problem spending money over sea. Complaint about any money spent here but embrace over sea spending’ don’t want to spend money on education “ but spend money on big oil company by any cost . We love to keep America and the world in fear. We call helping the middle class distribute of wealth’ but we distribute our across the world. We call others socialist and now we turn the world a semi socialist run by government, We call people who care for the poor and working class socialist’ but when we get in trouble we look for bail out from the working poor, we put lot’s of effort fight anything that help regular people! . What is Republican all about today?

  16. How silly, cut taxes increase services. Where’s the logic in that? It’s a simple term – sustainability – get to know it. ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ they are all fools. They continue to capitalize on the polarization of the greater piece of the ethical pie. Our sense of community has diminished to nothing more than rubble, and who do we blame, our Government? Fools. Our government is our neighbors, our teachers, our grandparents. Yet we continue to look up the chain for a person responsible. Try looking in the mirror.

  17. What you don’t understand is reality and reality says that in 30 years we will run out of money to pay for social security. Medicare is already broke and will not sustain itself over the next 10 years according to most economic analyst. The tea party is not against public funding for education, police protection fie protection, etc.. They are sick and tired of the amount of wasteful spending from our government. That is why you are a moron. It’s not about Obama being a black president which is why your intelligence is that of a 5 year old.

  18. As for this overall disgust with the government – I just curious what’s your feelings about Social Security, Medicare, the police, public education, sewage, garbage and street lighting ? Who would you rather have maintain your public as well as private security. Are you suggesting you run them – fat chance. These government services are vital. Or should we just eliminate them completely like the taxes that run & operate them. What is your plan to remedy this ? I really want to know so I can be as well informed as you are.

  19. Its nice to know that major Tea Party members assist in selling weapons to extremists in South America.

    • Typical. Can’t debate the actual issues so you resort to some false side argument to try and derail the conversation.

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