Sacramento shoe store was front for cocaine dealer

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) broke up a cocaine distribution ring this week in Sacramento. Alleged crack cocaine dealer Dahoma Lin sold the drug from her Sacramento shoe store off Mack Road in Sacramento.

The DEA was tipped off from a confidential informant that Lin was selling drugs out of her store. The DEA went in undercover and started making drug buys. Lin is accused of dealing drugs for an Oak Park violent street gang. She was also a supplier for other distributors.

The arrest was made at Lin’s home where she was caught with nine ounces of crack and one ounce of heroin. Lin is currently awaiting trial.

One Response to Sacramento shoe store was front for cocaine dealer

  1. Yikes this sounds akin to something you’d find on an episode of the The Wire. That is crazy but such and overt deal in such a place isn’t a plan that will last very long!

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