Sacramento man arrested for deadly Carmichael hit and run

Steve Hernandez, 38, of Sacramento was arrested Sunday afternoon during a stolen car investigation. The arresting officers notice damage to his car that was consistent with a hit and run that occurred in March. He also had an outstanding warrant for another hit and run traffic collision from 2010.

Hernandez is accused of being drunk when he hit and killed Paul Pellandini in front of his home. The accident also badly injured Bill Collins, a friend that was visiting Pellandini.

The men where hit while talking next to their car. Hernandez veered onto the shoulder hitting both men. Pellandini died at the scene and Collins was transported to the hospital with major injuries.

Collins has accumulated half a million dollars in medical bills. He is unemployed and has no medical insurance. Collins’ family has set up a Facebook page to help as well as a website They are asking for the communities support.

One Response to Sacramento man arrested for deadly Carmichael hit and run

  1. I just wanted to inform you that the information posted in regards to the Hit& Run from March is completely inaccurate. Steve is my boyfriend and I actually saw him 20 mins before the accident and and hour after it and I know he may have made a bad decision with not stopping and not because of being under the influence Steve does not drink due to trouble with the pancreas, but I notice know reports choose to state that wen questioned Steve made a full confession to the detectives and should be commended for that. Bad decisions are something we face throughout life and it seems to be exactly what you media people love to talk about but maybe for once we can allow the facts and details for both parties to be heard. If your interested in a complete detail of situation regarding this accident or even the non criminal 2010 supposed hit & run details please feel free to email me. I thank you for your time. Regards,
    Sabrina Schroeder

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