Sacramento Kings Tyreke Evans cited for reckless driving‎

NBA’s Rookie of the Year was busted by the The California Highway Patrol. Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans was cited for reckless driving according to the CHP. DUI was not involved.

The CHP air patrol spotted Evans driving a 2010 black Mercedes S550 at more than 100 miles per hour on Interstate 80. The air unit followed the car until it stopped at a park near Bell Road and Taylor Street in Sacramento where a patrol car was able to catch up to Evans. Firearms were drawn because of the black tinted windows. Evans was cooperative with officers and will appear in court to answer for this event.

One Response to Sacramento Kings Tyreke Evans cited for reckless driving‎

  1. Yeah going 25-30 miles over the posted speed limit in California is considered reckless driving!
    You can’t even attend traffic school if you are cited for reckless driving. But I’m sure he has enough money to not worry about his car insurance rates going up!

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