Sacramento Kings Are Moving to Anaheim

Moving the Sacramento Kings has been a rumor for a while now, but we have learned this evening that they will in fact be moving to Anaheim.

The new Anaheim Kings will be playing in the Honda Center for the next NBA season. The “official” announcement is scheduled to be made around mid or early May. The only item preventing the Kings from moving is an approval by a majority of the NBA’s owners. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are already fighting the move, but the Maloofs will try to convince other teams in the league that the move is a good idea.

Henry Samueli, the owner of the Ducks and the arena, has offered a $100 million interest free loan to the Maloofs to move the team. The loan is enough to pay the relocation fees as well as a loan that the Maloofs owe to Sacramento.

There has also been talks to change the name of the Kings to something else. That process takes longer to get approval and would not occur before the next season.

15 Responses to Sacramento Kings Are Moving to Anaheim

  1. Anaheim is now publicly talking about improvements to the Honda Center. Guys this is a done deal. The city just needs to make it look like they are still wooing the Kings. I have the inside information, but I agreed not to disclose who I spoke with. Don’t hate the messenger.

  2. Let’s be honest, the reason the Maloof Brothers want this move is so they can reign supreme in the douchebag capital of the U.S., Newport Beach. I can those two faggots cruisin’ Corona Del Mar and hanging at Landmark on Friday nights.

    Southern Californa has no need or desire for another NBA team. How about an NFL team??

  3. So has this been confirmed yet? Are they going to changing their name then? It’s like when the Seattle Supersonics moved to OK and changed their name to the Oklahoma City Thunder…boo.

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