Sacramento Getting Ready for Amgen Tour ‎

The Amgen Tour of California cycling race kicks off Sunday and once again, Sacramento hosts the opening stage. This year the race consists of a full road stage from Nevada City to the Capitol. There will be tens of thousands of people coming out to watch the event.

The Amgen Tour of California is an eight-stage event running from Sunday May 16th through May 23. Three-time defending Tour of California champion Levi Leipheimer will be racing as well as Lance Armstrong. The 2010 California Amgen course is longer and more difficult than past versions and features the first finish at a relatively high altitude.

The president of AEG Sports, which owns the race, Andrew Messick, said he would like to include other parts of Northern California in the professional event, now in its fifth year. “We’d like to find a way to get further north, toward Eureka, get into places like Chico,” Messick said. “We’d like to get to Tahoe. “It’s a big state. There are a lot of great places to ride a bike. Eventually we’ll get to all of them.”

Here is the map for stage 1 of the race.

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