Mom and baby killed in crash

Early Sunday morning Nancy Naranjo, 23, of Galt was hilled by a suspected DUI driver. Naranjo’s 9 month old was also in the car and was also killed by the impact. The suspected drunk driver slammed into the back of their car as they waited for a red light.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Michael Bradley, 22-year-old Xieng Her was driving his Toyota 4Runner SUV at the time of the accident. He slammed into Naranjo at around 4:30am at a high rate of speed at the intersection of Stockton Boulevard and Orange Avenue. Both Naranjo and her son, Joshua Bonton, were killed instantly.

The impact of the crash pushed the Honda about 200 feet through the intersection. Bradley said Naranjo was wearing a seatbelt and Bonton was correctly strapped into a car seat at the time of the crash. Her was arrested on multiple felony charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter and felony drunken driving.

“They were always happy together,” said Nancy’s sister Cecilia Naranjo. “Like the perfect mom and baby.” “Why would they have to drink and drive, or drink at all, knowing that it wouldn’t affect just, but others around him?” said Cecilia, fighting back tears.

She says memorial services will likely be Thursday or Friday. Nancy’s family says they’ll need help paying for funeral expenses, and are setting up an account at the Wells Fargo in Galt, on C Street. If you’re interested in helping the family with costs, they say you can call the bank and ask about the Naranjo account.

6 Responses to Mom and baby killed in crash

  1. i maria will say her is not guilty because i was friends with nancy naranjo nd baby joshua

    like da person above said he needs to be killed so he could feel what nancy and baby joshua went threw

  2. This is just so sad. As what the sister said: “Why do they have to drink and drive?” Drinking and driving is a crime, not an accident. I hope the victim will get their justice.

  3. Who are you guys to be saying he deserves to be DEAD? If you truly beleive that you are just as evil as he is. You disgust me. Let the law take care of it and keep your sniveling opinions to yourself.

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