Sacramento Area Principal Arrested for Child Molestation

Principal of Creative Frontiers, Robert B. Adams, has been arrested on charges of molestation. This is not the first time molestation accusations have been made against Adams, but these are the first charges filed.

A total of seven girls have come forward with the accusations. Two of the seven students at Adams’ Creative Frontiers School in Citrus Heights accused Adams back in 2000. Another girl come forward in 1996. Bethany Soloman, a teacher at the school, said she saw Adams put his hand under the skirt of a young girl who was sitting on his lap in his office in 2007. There was no indication if that incident was reported to the authorities.

Adams has several parents that are supporting him. They have even setup a Facebook page declaring their support. Margaret Briem is one such parent. She said on the Creative Frontiers School Facebook page;

Let me make myself perfectly clear on where I stand. Mr. Bob is an innocent man who cares deeply for the wellbeing of children everywhere, and Creative Frontiers was his way of making the world a better place for children. He was unguarded in caring for children. What is happening to Mr. Bob can happen to anyone who works with children. If these ‘public servants’ move forward with what they are doing, they are making the world a worse place for every citizen in their jurisdiction, especially the children. What they are doing is WRONG and they should resign after this.

If those working in public schools did their jobs, then there would be no need for places like Creative Frontiers or people like Mr. Bob. Those working in public schools are ‘public servants’ as well. ‘Public Servants’ have a negative reputaion for a reason.

The accusations in 2000 were sent to the district attorney on July 28, 2000. The DA failed to file any charges and cannot explain why.

Adams has denied any wrongdoing and was release on $250K bail.

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  1. And they say we live in 21st century, funny huh! How come an educator afford $250K bail is another question. Does that mean we should quit worrying about global warming and start worrying about moral crisis?


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