Ford’s Real Burgers in Sacramento Shuts Down

The longtime Land Park restaurant, Ford’s Real Burgers, shuts down over the weekend. Former owner Pete Vereschzagin said the restaurant’s profit margin was very thin and it was barely able to make a profit. Vereschzagin passed the business to his son in January.

The final nail in coffin for Ford’s Real Burgers was when Carmichael attorney Scott N. Johnson filed a lawsuit against Ford’s Real Burgers for ADA violations.

Johnson has made a career of suing businesses over ADA violations. Since 2003, Johnson has filed several thousand lawsuits, collecting a net income of more than $2 million annually in statutory penalties, according to Sacramento attorney Michael Welch, who defends frivolous ADA lawsuits.

Sen. Bob Dutton introduced a bill last year trying to stop these predatory lawsuits. The bill, SB 743, was killed by Democratic Senators Mark Leno (San Francisco), Noreen Evans (Santa Rosa) and Ellen Corbett (San Leandro). All three senators have received sizable campaign contributions from trial lawyers.

Ford’s Real Burgers will no longer exist because of Scott Johnson and California Democrats.

2 Responses to Ford’s Real Burgers in Sacramento Shuts Down

  1. Until the law goes into effect stoping this parasite all Business

    owners should refuse service to this joker they do have the

    right to not do business with him.

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