Senator Feinstein refuses to debate Elizabeth Emken

While the Presidential race garners most of the attention there are other races up for a vote this November. One of them is a Senate race. Senator Feinstein is running for reelection against Elizabeth Emken.

Emken has asked for a debate, but Feinstein refuses to debate her under any circumstances. Feinstein should be reminded that this is a race for the U.S. Senate — not a coronation. She’s the only U.S. Senator running for reelection who will not debate her opponent.

Elizabeth Emken has had to resort to making up her own debate. Her video eloquently shows what Senator Feinstein has done for the state of California, nothing.

In 2009, Dianne Feinstein proudly announced support for Solyndra. Solyndra is now bankrupt and cost the American tax payer over $530 million dollars. California is consistently ranked at the bottom of business friendly states. California is one of the highest taxes states in America. California ranks near the bottom for education spending. California’s gas prices are some of the highest in the country. California’s unemployment rate is well above the national average.

Feinstein in part is responsible for California’s dismal track record, but she will be re-elected this November by the people of California.

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