Chant “Sell the Team” Planned at the Sacramento Kings Game

A protest at the last home game of the season is being organized on Facebook.  The game will be the Sacramento Kings vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  The event is being organized by Stan Hutchinson.  Fans are encouraged to wear their fan gear as this is not an anti-Kings protest and is really being organized as a anti-Maloof protest.

The Maloofs have come under fire recently when they singly handily destroyed a deal to build a new arena.  “The Maloofs have wasted a great deal of other people’s time and money”, said one fan we talked to.  He said the best thing for the Sacramento Kings would be if the Maloofs sold the team and left Sacramento.

The protesters are asked to meet before the game to organize and pass out flyers.  Click here to see the group’s Facebook page.


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