Are Sacramento area schools safe?

School safety is on the minds of a lot of people after the Sandy Hook shooting. Gun control, mental health, violent video games, and armed teachers have all been hot topics. So are Sacramento area schools safe?

After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Sacramento area schools have seen an increased police presence as well as many of the schools are reviewing their security procedures.

The reality is Sacramento area schools are very safe. They are really no different than thousands of school across this county. Over the last 20 years we have seen about 500 violent death at schools in the United States. During that same period of time millions and millions of children have attended school.

Most schools are secured by fences and gates which increase the safety of school children and staff. Sandy Hook Elementary had a security system installed recently that locked the campus during school hours. So a simple fence is inadequate to stop a crazed gunman.

Schools are already gun free zones, so additional laws cannot keep kids safe. What abut banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines? The data shows the deadliest weapon used at schools is the 9mm handgun with a 15 to 17 round clip. Banning particular weapons of magazine capacity will not have any affect on the outcome of mass shootings.

So what is the answer? Armed teachers? Armed guards? Both may have helped in Newtown, Connecticut, but is that what we want for our schools? Children are far more likely to die on the way to school than they are at school.

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