Angry mob attacks Sacramento news crew

An angry mob attacks a Sacramento based news crew. The group of people were attending an impromptu memorial service and attacked two employees of a Sacramento Fox affiliate television station today.

The attack occurred outside the Natomas IHOP restaurant near the intersection of Del Paso Road and Interstate 5. That was the location of a murder that had occurred the day before. Two men got into a fight inside the IHOP. They took the fight outside where a 27 year old man was shot to death.

The group of those mourners jumped the two person crew. They punched the reporter in the face and dragged the photographer to the ground and kicked her. The news crew suffered scrapes and bruises but was not seriously hurt.

33 Responses to Angry mob attacks Sacramento news crew

  1. wow what a bunch of losers. Their friend is in a gun fight then they attack the news crew including a women. Go away scum we don’t want you in our community.

    • Really? Guess what this is my community and I don’t want racist biggots here either so get the hell on….you people make me sick. Did you personally know these people to say they are scum? Hell no you didnt. Because if you knew them you would be feeling the pain that they are going through and what a respected loving family they all are. We are in 2011 and you people are still worried about race and color and scum. WOW!

      • nnnnnn made no distinction about color or race here.

        I believe the use of the label scum is because they turned into an angry violent mob.

        This is felonious behavior and the state should take action against them with or without the reporter’s filing a complaint.

        It’s a crime against not only the reporters but against society.

      • You are right Johnny, this shouldn’t be about race. But, I guess and accurate news caption should say “Respected loving family attacks and kicks camerawomen in front of iHop.”

  2. YES! Finally! The people beat the crap out of the Media Reporters.

    • And it will be the Freedom of Speech ‘blanket’ that puts each one of their punch throwing, beligerent asses in the pokey! Then your ‘justice will be served’…

      • They went there to get ratings because they are bottm of the barrol reporters. If you want to make comments why don’t you maybe get ur facts right before you open your mouth. They were asked by the family to back off and not be to close. They asked them the humane way many of times before this inncodent happened. JUST FOR YOR INFO, they are a mourning family not a MOB

        • An angry mob is exactly what they were. Charges should be filed as appropriate.

          Yes, the reporting was in bad taste and horribly timed.

          However, this kind of response to being crowded on a public sidewalk by a news crew that doesn’t respect your initial requests to move is inexcusable.

    • What the hell does color have to do with anything…everybodys comments on here makes me sick. You guys need to all grow the hell up. If you would have known this family you would have known that they were all great people. Focus on the people who are still out there that killed this innocent man.

  3. You Sacramento morons don’t get it (as usual). They attacked FOX news crew for a reason– FOX News is a fake news organization run by elitist racists neocon-fundamentalists THAT’s why it was targeted.

    • what a bunch of WHAT? Are you kidding me. Are you really reffering to that word? You is a bitch for thinkin it and you is a real bitch for not being the man to say it. I can only pray that god gives you exactly what you deserve!!

  4. Didn’t know that iHOP was a private location? Look, I hate most media, but they have a job to do, and to act like an animal out of a cage is NOT NORMAL in our society. It sucks they lost a friend and family member, I get that…..but also keep in mind if you had been there with, say, your kids, or even alone, and bullets started to fly, YOUR LIFE is now in jepordy. Facts: this was a mob acting in a behavior not to be condoned by ANYONE I dont give a rats A if you’re mourning or not. Behave like a civilized person, plain and simple.

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