Amgen Tour of California Snubbing Sacramento Again

For the second year in a row, the Amgen Tour of California is giving Sacramento the cld shoulder. The annual bike race included Sacramento in five of it’s first six years. The last two years have had not Sacramento area locations.

Here are the stages of the tour:

  • Stage 1: May 12 Escondido
  • Stage 2: May 13 Murrieta to Greater Palm Springs.
  • Stage 3: May 14 Palmdale to Santa Clarita
  • Stage 4: May 15 Santa Clarita to Santa Barbara
  • Stage 5: May 16 Santa Barbara to Avila Beach
  • Stage 6: May 17 San Jose (individual time trial)
  • Stage 7: May 18 Livermore to Mt. Diablo
  • Stage 8: May 19 San Francisco to Santa Rosa

The Amgen Tour of California will cover about 750 miles. The race will be from May 12th to May 19th 2012. The last time Sacramento was included in the tour was 2011. At that time an estimated 50K people attended and generated $3.7 million in additional business.

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