25+ New Cops on Sacramento Streets

The Department of Justice announced which law enforcement departments across the country will get federal grant money. Sacramento made the list and will be getting new officers.

The Sacramento Police Department is getting more than $8 million from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. They will use the money to hire 25 additional officers. Sacramento Sheriffs was also awarded a grant to retain or hire deputies.

“It feels like Christmas in September. With devastating budget cuts in July, we had to watch officers turn their badges in for the first time in our city’s history. Now we have an opportunity to pin those badges back on our officers and get them back on the street.,” said Mayor Johnson in a press release.

Here’s how the numbers break down in our area:

  • Sacramento Police – $8.1 million, 25 officers
  • Sacramento County Sheriff’s – $11.3 million, 25 deputies
  • Stockton Police – $7.8 million, 17 officers
  • Placer County Sheriff’s – $2.6 million, 8 deputies
  • Fairfield Police – $1.8 million, 5 officers
  • Oakland Police – $10.7 million, 25 officers
The money can be used to hire, rehire, or reinstate officers.  The money may not be used for any other activity.

2 Responses to 25+ New Cops on Sacramento Streets

  1. How exactly will this money be parceled out?

    For example lets take Sacramento and the $8.1 million dollars that will supposedly get 25 additional officiers. Now dividing the $8.1 million dollars by 25 additional officiers gives a result of $324,000 per officier. I assume that will pay for an officiers salary, benefits, patrol car and equipment, etc. So please break it down per officier so we can see where our money goes and for how long we can expect it to last. Is there a time period that it must be used within or lost?

  2. The funding covers 25 officers for 3 years. The only problem is council will now attempt to cut the Pd budget AGAIN substantially because now the Pd has cash.

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